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Who is Mike Davison and why should I listen to him?

I was 17 years old and approaching what I hoped would be the end of my high school career.  As I approached the finishing line I had a great deal of worry and concern when I was told that I may not be able to graduate.  My grades were atrocious.  My course load consisted of classes that were at a lower level than some of the classes I took my freshman year.  The irony of it was I liked school.  The social aspect.  I just did not care about the “learning stuff”.  I didn’t see it as being relevant to me or my life.

I had a teacher who liked, yet saw the consequences of my “casual” approach to life.  He was aware of my pending challenge – the prospect of not graduating.  He encouraged me to get focused on doing what I needed to do to pull of the task of passing all my classes.  This was a tall order, given the fact that it was only weeks away from graduation day.  The encouragement I received paid off.  My final grades didn’t impress anyone.  No one except my self.  I was impressed about the power of a clear outcome and taking some serious and immediate action. 

It was at this point that I decided I would no longer allow myself to be a passive recipient of life.  I made a decision to get clear about what I wanted for my life and to work toward this outcome.  I decided I would no longer settle for a life of low standards.

I decided to show up larger and more fully in my own life.

As reflect on where I am now at in my life, I am quite pleased.  Over the past 20 years I have completed a Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree and a Doctoral Degree.  All with high honors.  I teach in a doctoral program in Clinical Psychology.  I run a thriving business providing counseling, coaching and consultation to individuals and organizations interested breaking through the barriers to their success.  I have a weekly personal development radio show, which puts me in contact with the leaders in the personal development field.  I am called upon to conduct speeches to groups about helping people create the life of their dreams.   

Most important, I have an extraordinary family.  My wife of 18 years and I have three amazing children.  I believe that a life with material success without extraordinary relationships and happiness is NOT success. 

What I have learned from my own studies, travels and work with countless individuals over the past 20 years is that it is NOT what you know in life that makes a difference.  It is what you are willing to DO! 

I have also come to know and feel compelled to share the Life Design Coaching principles with others that will help you create a plan that allows you to understand and live these powerful principles:

The power of connecting with your PURPOSE in life

The power of advancing toward your purpose with PASSION.

The power of embracing POSSIBILITIES.

The power of thinking about fulfilling your life’s purpose as an ongoing project requiring continual PROGRESS.

Your Destiny Doctor,