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About Dr. Davison’s Customized Presentations:

Dr. Davison is the founder of PartnersInPurpose.com.  The company’s mission is to assist individuals and organizations to connect with their purpose and maximize their resources to optimize success. 

Dr. Davison is a Clinical Psychologist,highly accomplished speaker,and Life Design coach.  Dr. Davison believes that everyone has a purpose in Life.  It is when people are fully connected with their purpose and are actively living it with a spirit of service and contribution that they experience the greatest sense of fulfillment. 

Dr. Davison has a captivating style of presenting that leaves his audience feeling educated, inspired and entertained.

Dr. Davison has been a key note speaker at association meetings, professional seminars, personal development and wellness conferences, and corporate events.

He has covered numerous topics including:

Setting and Achieving Goals.

Overcoming Roadblocks to Success

The Life Design Process.

And his foundational message:
       7 Insights for Creating and Living Your Life’s Purpose.

To find out more about how to book Dr. Davison for your next event - contact his office at (847) 490-7689 or on the web at mike@PartnersInPurpose.com