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About Dr. Davison’s Life Design Coaching Programs:

Dr. Davison is the founder of PartnersInPurpose.com.  The company’s mission is to assist individuals and organizations to connect with their purpose and maximize their resources to optimize success. 

Dr. Davison is a Clinical Psychologist and highly Life Design coach.  Dr. Davison believes that everyone has a purpose in Life.  It is when people are fully connected with their purpose and are actively living it with a spirit of service and contribution that they experience the greatest sense of fulfillment. 

If you've ever thought about utilizing a personal coach to help you achieve your goals, Dr. Mike's Life Design Coaching program was designed especially for you. Life Design Coaching will give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with Dr. Mike Davison and discover firsthand the enormous benefits to be gained from having more personal peace in your life.

In this unique Life Design Coaching program you will learn to implement the fundamental tools used to create your ideal life and lifestyle.

You'll begin by working with Dr. Davison to take stock on where you are currently by completing a Quality of Life Profile. This profile will give you a greater understanding of yourself and your desires in life than you've probably ever experienced. It will give you the clarity you need to begin turning your dreams into reality.

This Life Design coaching program includes four 1/2 hour phone consultations with accompanying materials.

The four sessions are as follows:

Session 1: Your Quality of Life Profile

Session 2: What Do You Really Want?

Session 3: Pursuing Your Ideal Life with Passion and Purpose

Session 4: The Creation Equation: Achieving Sustainable Change

For Information about Individualized Life Design Coaching e-mail Dr. Davison at mike@PartnersInPurpose.com